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  1. spasmolytic's rating of the film Let Me In

    The big thing I took away from it, is that while it's encouraging to see that America is capable of producing films with this certain quality, it's a shame it has to resort to remaking foreign films in order to do so. I was also reminded how moving the actual story is. And how substandard most horror films are.

  2. Stein Ove Lien's rating of the film Let Me In

    It took me years and years to get around to this one. It seemed unnecessary; a remake only years after its Swedish original. Well, I was wrong. This is an excellent movie in its own right.

  3. aedey's rating of the film Let Me In

    Jauh melampaui ekspektasi

  4. lostlevel's rating of the film Let Me In

    Your opinion of the film may very well be influenced by whether you saw this or the original first. This one is okay, is a little more accessible and at the very least it is less redundant than the remake of Oldboy.

  5. J. O.'s rating of the film Let Me In

    While it lacks some of the charm of the original, it is not a misfire like most Hollywood remakes. In fact, it has improved upon the original in some ways - while choosing to simply replay other elements. Not a total waste of time, though - fantastic atmosphere.

  6. Sin título.'s rating of the film Let Me In

    Un producto cinematográfico a cargo de Hammer Films, ese gigante del horror que en este remake trata de crear una atmósfera distinta para un sujeto cultural que prefiere los planos secuencia frenéticos y las historias de hastío diario en las familias no nucleares. Aquí el elemento que aporta mayor tensión es la actuación de los dos protagonistas y no en el mejor sentido de la palabra.

  7. smndvdcl's rating of the film Let Me In

    As a vehicle for Chloe Grace Moretz to hone her craft, it is admirable. She could go on to be an excellent actress. As a US remake of a perfectly decent Swedish horror original, it fails.

  8. MATTEO BITTANTI's rating of the film Let Me In

    To counter the dramatic drop in the literacy rate of the average American moviegoer (studies show very few can read subtitles) and the sharp decline in creativity of the American film industry, Hollywood has resorted to remakes. The original movies have been simplified, both conceptually and narratively, to appeal to local audiences. Even titles have been shortened, because of reduced attention spans. For example...

  9. yennefer's rating of the film Let Me In

    A waste of time. You're better off just watching the original. This adds nothing to it and fails even in its' attempt to differentiate itself.

  10. David.A.P.D.'s rating of the film Let Me In

    This movie is fun and seems good. But once you read the book and watch the Swedish version, you will realize that this movie is emotionally, and in artistic way, far, far away from its source material.

  11. nyyssonen's rating of the film Let Me In

    I will never forgive this movie for switching the abuser/victim dynamic between Håkan and Eli.

  12. Paul Relf's rating of the film Let Me In

    I'll join the 'original is superior' crowd but if you don't play the comparison game then this is a really great film. Actually even with the comparing this is still a really great film. Eat some now, save some for later......

  13. Cichlisuite's rating of the film Let Me In

    Something has definitely been lost and this pales in comparison to the Swedish version. The young actors here are good but there was something really special about the 2 in Let The Right One In. Subtle variations have a large impact and the story seems simplified. While the cinematography is good the overbearing orchestral score felt clunky and really distracted. A decent film in its own right but original is best.

  14. raggiodisole's rating of the film Let Me In

    Good in some respects, but lacks what all the best films do - originality, and is inferior in almost every way to the original. Ignore that film, and you have a passable horror with sound performances from the two young leads.

  15. DrFirestone's rating of the film Let Me In

    I watched the Swedish version first, and in my opinion while "Let Me In" has definitely different "feel", it stands up to the original. Yes, it is more action packed, but it fits the setting and feels natural... Very good cast and acting. I was surprised in a positive way!

  16. Alison Wroblewski's rating of the film Let Me In

    While a worthy effort of a film, this doesn't quite compare to the Swedish version. This is definitely a more action-packed and jump-inducing telling of Let the Right One In, but also, the filmmakers really hit it over your head with reminders of the 1980s. I didn't need to be told so many times that this wasn't present day. But great acting and a very faithful script.

  17. Username: Scott's rating of the film Let Me In

    An unnecessary remake that often mimics the original shot-for-shot, whilst streamlining the more complex communal aspects of its predecessor into a brooding adolescent romance. Everything Let The Right One In leaves implicit, here, is made explicit. Reeves expects less of his American audience, spoon-feeding them exposition in awkward dialogue. That said, the two young leads enliven a conspicuously dull script.

  18. Tommaso Paola's rating of the film Let Me In

    Not bad but the original remains unsurpassed. I just didnt get the same feeling.

  19. dmol's rating of the film Let Me In

    It doesn't reach its Swedish counterpart, but not bad at all....

  20. Amyx's rating of the film Let Me In

    It is good. but really what is the point of an almost a shot to shot remake.

  21. Paul Larke's rating of the film Let Me In

    Completely missed the point of the original. Interesting to see how such a good story can be turned to mush with heavy handed direction, an awkward script and thoughtless plotting. The themes in the original of innocence, friendship, personal isolation and personal tragedy have been traded for B-movie hollywood horror, interspersing a rather dull film.

  22. tomfdzv's rating of the film Let Me In

    bad remake of a good movie, acting is so poor compared to let the right one in, why do they did this? waste of time watching it, better watch the original version which is really good.

  23. Kosiq Mike's rating of the film Let Me In

    great like swedish version as well ...........

  24. Iyabo Ojo's rating of the film Let Me In

    Another needless Hollywood remake. Stick with the original!

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