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  1. Photo of Florian Schwarz

    Florian Schwarz Director

  2. Photo of Michael Proehl

    Michael Proehl Screenplay

  3. Photo of Jule Böwe

    Jule Böwe Cast

  4. Photo of Christoph Bach

    Christoph Bach Cast

  5. Photo of Olaf Burmeister

    Olaf Burmeister Cast

  6. Photo of Karl Fred Müller

    Karl Fred Müller Cast

  7. Photo of Galina Freund

    Galina Freund Cast

  8. Photo of Meike Anna Stock

    Meike Anna Stock Cast

  9. Photo of Torsten Michaelis

    Torsten Michaelis Cast

  10. Photo of David Scheller

    David Scheller Cast

  11. Photo of Andrea Cleven

    Andrea Cleven Cast

  12. Photo of Ellen Weidlich

    Ellen Weidlich Cast

  13. Photo of Christina Schaller

    Christina Schaller Cast

  14. Photo of Martina Opel

    Martina Opel Cast

  15. Photo of Dirk Borchardt

    Dirk Borchardt Cast

  16. Photo of Daniela Schober

    Daniela Schober Cast

  17. Photo of Andreas Range

    Andreas Range Cast

  18. Photo of Laura Syniawa

    Laura Syniawa Cast

  19. Photo of Marlene Marlow

    Marlene Marlow Cast

  20. Photo of Wilfried Reach

    Wilfried Reach Cast

  21. Photo of Laurenz Leky

    Laurenz Leky Cast

  22. Photo of Till Bauer

    Till Bauer Cast

  23. Photo of Philipp Sichler

    Philipp Sichler Cinematography

  24. Photo of Fabian Römer

    Fabian Römer Music

  25. Photo of Corinna Sy

    Corinna Sy Production Design

  26. Photo of Alexander Bickenback

    Alexander Bickenback Producer

  27. Photo of Florian Drechsler

    Florian Drechsler Editing

  28. Photo of Thomas Knop

    Thomas Knop Sound