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  1. Photo of Brian O'Malley

    Brian O'Malley Director

  2. Photo of Lee Brazier

    Lee Brazier Executive Producer

  3. Photo of James Daly

    James Daly Executive Producer

  4. Photo of Chris Hainsworth

    Chris Hainsworth Executive Producer

  5. Photo of Eddie Dick

    Eddie Dick Producer

  6. Photo of Brendan McCarthy

    Brendan McCarthy Producer

  7. Photo of John McDonnell

    John McDonnell Producer

  8. Photo of David Cairns

    David Cairns Screenplay

  9. Photo of Fiona Watson

    Fiona Watson Screenplay

  10. Photo of Piers McGrail

    Piers McGrail Cinematography

  11. Photo of Tony Kearns

    Tony Kearns Editing

  12. Photo of James Lapsley

    James Lapsley Production Design

  13. Photo of Steve Lynch

    Steve Lynch Music

  14. Photo of Liam Cunningham

    Liam Cunningham Cast

  15. Photo of Pollyanna McIntosh

    Pollyanna McIntosh Cast

  16. Photo of Bryan Larkin

    Bryan Larkin Cast

  17. Photo of Hanna Stanbridge

    Hanna Stanbridge Cast

  18. Photo of Douglas Russell

    Douglas Russell Cast

  19. Photo of Niall Greig Fulton

    Niall Greig Fulton Cast

  20. Photo of Jonathan Watson

    Jonathan Watson Cast

  21. Photo of Rae Brunton

    Rae Brunton Screenplay