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  1. Photo of Péter Gothár

    Péter Gothár Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Eduard Artsikhovsky

    Eduard Artsikhovsky Producer

  3. Photo of Jolán Árvai

    Jolán Árvai Producer

  4. Photo of Peter Barbalics

    Peter Barbalics Producer

  5. Photo of László Sipos

    László Sipos Producer

  6. Photo of László Bratka

    László Bratka Screenplay

  7. Photo of Lev Gordon

    Lev Gordon Screenplay

  8. Photo of Maryana Kozyreva

    Maryana Kozyreva Screenplay

  9. Photo of Francisco Gozon

    Francisco Gozon Cinematography

  10. Photo of Maksim Sergeyev

    Maksim Sergeyev Cast

  11. Photo of Evgeniy Sidikhin

    Evgeniy Sidikhin Cast

  12. Photo of Valentina Kasyanova

    Valentina Kasyanova Cast

  13. Photo of Boris Solominovits

    Boris Solominovits Cast

  14. Photo of Konstantin Anisimov

    Konstantin Anisimov Cast

  15. Photo of Artur Arutyunyan

    Artur Arutyunyan Cast

  16. Photo of Yuri Kalugin

    Yuri Kalugin Cast

  17. Photo of Beáta Eszláry

    Beáta Eszláry Editing

  18. Photo of Eszter Majoros

    Eszter Majoros Editing

  19. Photo of Zoltán Vida

    Zoltán Vida Editing

  20. Photo of Sergei Kokovkin

    Sergei Kokovkin Production Design

  21. Photo of György Orbán

    György Orbán Music

  22. Photo of Róbert Juhász

    Róbert Juhász Sound

  23. Photo of Tatiana Shmelyova

    Tatiana Shmelyova Costume Design