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  1. Photo of Serge de Poligny

    Serge de Poligny Director

  2. Photo of Rudolph Cartier

    Rudolph Cartier Screenplay

  3. Photo of Otto Eis

    Otto Eis Screenplay

  4. Photo of Jean Galtier-Boissière

    Jean Galtier-Boissière Screenplay

  5. Photo of Axel Rudolf

    Axel Rudolf Screenplay

  6. Photo of Friedrich Zeckendorf

    Friedrich Zeckendorf Screenplay

  7. Photo of Brigitte Helm

    Brigitte Helm Cast

  8. Photo of Jean Gabin

    Jean Gabin Cast

  9. Photo of Raymond Aimos

    Raymond Aimos Cast

  10. Photo of José Alex

    José Alex Cast

  11. Photo of Paul Amiot

    Paul Amiot Cast

  12. Photo of Paule Andral

    Paule Andral Cast

  13. Photo of Paul Azaïs

    Paul Azaïs Cast

  14. Photo of Thomy Bourdelle

    Thomy Bourdelle Cast

  15. Photo of Christian Casadesus

    Christian Casadesus Cast

  16. Photo of Françoise Courvoisier

    Françoise Courvoisier Cast

  17. Photo of Lucien Dayle

    Lucien Dayle Cast

  18. Photo of Roger Karl

    Roger Karl Cast

  19. Photo of Pierre Labry

    Pierre Labry Cast

  20. Photo of Ginette Leclerc

    Ginette Leclerc Cast

  21. Photo of Pierre Sergeol

    Pierre Sergeol Cast

  22. Photo of Simone Simon

    Simone Simon Cast

  23. Photo of Marcelle Yrven

    Marcelle Yrven Cast

  24. Photo of Werner Brandes

    Werner Brandes Cinematography

  25. Photo of Karl Puth

    Karl Puth Cinematography

  26. Photo of Hans-Otto Borgmann

    Hans-Otto Borgmann Music

  27. Photo of Richard Stauch

    Richard Stauch Music

  28. Photo of Raoul Ploquin

    Raoul Ploquin Producer

  29. Photo of W. Schmidt

    W. Schmidt Producer

  30. Photo of Alfred Zeisler

    Alfred Zeisler Producer