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  1. Jorge's rating of the film Letter

    I just don't get why people like it. Luck you, who are so happy with so little

  2. Catherine Abecassis's rating of the film Letter

    je ne sens pas la douleur quand je regarde ces images empreintes de douceur et d'effacement. un renoncement plutôt, est-ce cela que la critique Mubienne appelle douleur ? image sublime dans le sens mystique !

  3. Anita G's rating of the film Letter

    Wanted this film to go on forever! The extraordinary is in the ordinary ..the tobacco smoke lingering after the frame is empty of people, the musician left playing on his own .. abstract noises of unrecognisable dialogue . Beautiful, tranquil and, again, thought provoking.

  4. fearraigh's rating of the film Letter

    The intensely soft focus of the photography makes it look a bit like Sokurov, though without the relentless moroseness. Like Landscape, Letter is a film about observational opacity. We watch and try to understand, and occasionally grasp meaning but each time the signifiers and the connections break down, returning us back out of the frame, as powerless onlookers.

  5. FISCHER's rating of the film Letter

    Vraiment rien à retenir de ce court métrage russe souvent quelconque et flou qui semble en fait n'être que les chutes, certains diront les rognures, d'une œuvre tournée dix années auparavant, "La colonie" qui elle avait, par contre, un réel intérêt...

  6. The Heff's rating of the film Letter

    I can understand what Loznitsa wants to do with the blurred imagery but alas it made it a difficult visual watch for me...great work with a slight impairment.

  7. maksym hruszczenko's rating of the film Letter

    Сон, що я побачив наяву.

  8. Ludovic72's rating of the film Letter

    La façon dont Loznitsa brouille l'image et la trafique par des contrastes extrêmes, sa sonorisation irréelle, rappellent fortement l'œuvre de Sokourov, même si leurs sujets diffèrent. Il semble ici montrer des gens évoluant dans des limbes mentales, énonçant des mots obscurs dont eux seuls auraient la clé, dans une atmosphère à la fois tranquille et perturbante. La durée des plans finit par lasser un peu... (3,5 / 5)

  9. BUTTAUD's rating of the film Letter

  10. Sasha Bldnn's rating of the film Letter

    Photographies fixes pour fond sonore saturé, rythme lent et cadre flou pour campagnes de fond : c'est lent, c'est beau, on y prend goût. Jusqu'au bout.

  11. richard east's rating of the film Letter

  12. Sarah Pietsch's rating of the film Letter

    Excellent. Atmospheric and gentle portrayal of people in the landscape, blurred outlines, blurred minds maybe, the rural life seems to soothe and engage them. Seems pretty tranquil, maybe there's another side to things though?

  13. Kevin Matthews's rating of the film Letter

    More interminable twaddle from Loznitsa. Without reading the synopsis or contextual quote from the director, I would not have even been aware of what this short was trying to capture. Maybe that was my own fault, but I like to be able to judge a film by the content of the film. Others may enjoy this as a piece of art. I really didn't.

  14. Marco's rating of the film Letter

    Loneliness and fading figures.

  15. εξώτερο διάστημα's rating of the film Letter

    restored (after all i can't change what i temporarily am): when working with newborns starts getting tedious, i guess i'll try a mental asylum or the morgue..

  16. Sin título.'s rating of the film Letter

    La nada dentro de la nada, la superposición de la enfermedad y el aislamiento en la naturaleza, lo sano es lo urbano, lo social.

  17. Carlo Perassi's rating of the film Letter

    A box of good ideas. Humble, great.

  18. timits's rating of the film Letter

  19. Steve Thompson's rating of the film Letter

    As at least one other Mubi reviewer has noted, Werner Herzog seems a discernible influence here. The imposition of a surreal imagination upon documentary form, the unsettling eloquence of landscape, the dislocations of narrative and above all a fascination with characters on the extreme edge of society are all reminiscent of the German director's work. A minimalist but quietly unnerving piece of film-making.

  20. janh24's rating of the film Letter

    Intriguing short; ambulatory by design.

  21. gaafgaaf's rating of the film Letter

    El diseño sonoro y el tratamiento en la óptica crean un ambiente de ensueño, pero lo que realmente me gusta en CARTA es la narración a través de una cámara estática siempre presente para los personajes, creando la sensación de una ventana a esta casa y sus habitantes. Un acto voyeurista. El plano del acordeón es completamente encantador.

  22. Michael's rating of the film Letter

  23. raggiodisole's rating of the film Letter

  24. dmol's rating of the film Letter

    Now this is what I call atmosphere. Because it's a mental asylum, the loss for words is too loud and the fogginess clearer than words can say.

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