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  1. Photo of Mitja Okorn

    Mitja Okorn Director

  2. Photo of Sam Akina

    Sam Akina Screenplay

  3. Photo of Marcin Baczynski

    Marcin Baczynski Screenplay

  4. Photo of Karolina Szablewska

    Karolina Szablewska Screenplay

  5. Photo of Maciej Stuhr

    Maciej Stuhr Cast

  6. Photo of Roma Gąsiorowska

    Roma Gąsiorowska Cast

  7. Photo of Tomasz Karolak

    Tomasz Karolak Cast

  8. Photo of Agnieszka Dygant

    Agnieszka Dygant Cast

  9. Photo of Piotr Adamczyk

    Piotr Adamczyk Cast

  10. Photo of Agnieszka Wagner

    Agnieszka Wagner Cast

  11. Photo of Wojciech Malajkat

    Wojciech Malajkat Cast

  12. Photo of Pawel Malaszynski

    Pawel Malaszynski Cast

  13. Photo of Katarzyna Zielinska

    Katarzyna Zielinska Cast

  14. Photo of Beata Tyszkiewicz

    Beata Tyszkiewicz Cast

  15. Photo of Leonard Pietraszak

    Leonard Pietraszak Cast

  16. Photo of Katarzyna Bujakiewicz

    Katarzyna Bujakiewicz Cast

  17. Photo of Marian Prokop

    Marian Prokop Cinematography