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  1. Photo of Alain Cavalier

    Alain Cavalier Director

  2. Photo of Louis Becker

    Louis Becker Producer

  3. Photo of Jérôme Clément

    Jérôme Clément Producer

  4. Photo of René Fauvel

    René Fauvel Producer

  5. Photo of Patrick Blossier

    Patrick Blossier Cinematography

  6. Photo of Ange Andréani

    Ange Andréani Cast

  7. Photo of Alexandra Arnould

    Alexandra Arnould Cast

  8. Photo of Claude-Maurice Baille

    Claude-Maurice Baille Cast

  9. Photo of Hervé Banchs

    Hervé Banchs Cast

  10. Photo of Michael Barriera

    Michael Barriera Cast

  11. Photo of Marie-Pomme Carteret

    Marie-Pomme Carteret Editing

  12. Photo of Claire Séguin

    Claire Séguin Production Design

  13. Photo of Hubert Persat

    Hubert Persat Sound

  14. Photo of Monic Parelle

    Monic Parelle Costume Design

  15. Photo of Cécile Haas

    Cécile Haas Cast

  16. Photo of Annick Concha

    Annick Concha Cast

  17. Photo of Pierre Concha

    Pierre Concha Cast

  18. Photo of Thierry Labelle

    Thierry Labelle Cast

  19. Photo of Christophe Turrier

    Christophe Turrier Cast

  20. Photo of Philippe Tardif

    Philippe Tardif Cast

  21. Photo of Michele Labelle

    Michele Labelle Cast