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  1. dalena's rating of the film Life+1Day

    there are walls that outlive us & like the magic that walls become, bend us & our actions: mobilize & imprison us. things that bring us safety are falling apart while simultaneously the architect of our own disasters. i would like to catch my breath. when i do, they are patches of open air in an ocean raised against the full moon. this is as normal as we can be. i confront my fear in the opposite way i chase my fix.

  2. Mohammad Hassan Movasagh's rating of the film Life+1Day

  3. Ordet Ordet's rating of the film Life+1Day

  4. N!nA's rating of the film Life+1Day

    Amazing! Account of a poor Iranian family struggling in all their aspects of their life, yet no one in the family does anything useful to make a change to the situation.