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  1. Photo of Raquel Freire

    Raquel Freire Director, Screenplay Producer

  2. Photo of Sara de Castro

    Sara de Castro Cast

  3. Photo of Paula Marques

    Paula Marques Cast

  4. Photo of Gustavo Vicente

    Gustavo Vicente Cast

  5. Photo of Miguel Moreira

    Miguel Moreira Cast

  6. Photo of André Soares

    André Soares Cast

  7. Photo of Almeno Gonçalves

    Almeno Gonçalves Cast

  8. Photo of Susana Vidal

    Susana Vidal Cast

  9. Photo of Sofia Marques

    Sofia Marques Cast

  10. Photo of Ivo M. Ferreira

    Ivo M. Ferreira Cast

  11. Photo of Ana Moreira

    Ana Moreira Cast

  12. Photo of Sminova

    Sminova Cast

  13. Photo of Dinis Nogueira Freire

    Dinis Nogueira Freire Cast

  14. Photo of Margarida Almeida

    Margarida Almeida Cast

  15. Photo of Nicola Brites

    Nicola Brites Cast

  16. Photo of Romeu Costa

    Romeu Costa Cast

  17. Photo of Pedro Cal

    Pedro Cal Cast

  18. Photo of Vasco Freire

    Vasco Freire Cast

  19. Photo of Rui Amália

    Rui Amália Cast

  20. Photo of Tomás Rezende

    Tomás Rezende Cinematography

  21. Photo of Ana Brandão

    Ana Brandão Music and Cast

  22. Photo of Carlos Bica

    Carlos Bica Music

  23. Photo of Space Cowboys

    Space Cowboys Music

  24. Photo of Helena Alves

    Helena Alves Editing

  25. Photo of Siegfried

    Siegfried Editing

  26. Photo of Valérie Mitteaux

    Valérie Mitteaux Editing

  27. Photo of Cédric Zoenen

    Cédric Zoenen Editing

  28. Photo of Vasco Pimentel

    Vasco Pimentel Sound

  29. Photo of Edgar Medina

    Edgar Medina Sound

  30. Photo of Raquel Castro

    Raquel Castro Costume Design