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  1. Photo of Christian E. Christiansen

    Christian E. Christiansen Screenplay and Director

  2. Photo of Jesper N. Christiansen

    Jesper N. Christiansen Screenplay

  3. Photo of Morten Dragsted

    Morten Dragsted Screenplay

  4. Photo of Laura Christensen

    Laura Christensen Cast

  5. Photo of Stephanie Leon

    Stephanie Leon Cast

  6. Photo of Julie R. Ølgaard

    Julie R. Ølgaard Cast

  7. Photo of Cyron Melville

    Cyron Melville Cast

  8. Photo of Sara Møller Olsen

    Sara Møller Olsen Cast

  9. Photo of Mette Riber Christoffersen

    Mette Riber Christoffersen Cast

  10. Photo of Murad Mahmoud

    Murad Mahmoud Cast

  11. Photo of Henrik Birch

    Henrik Birch Cast

  12. Photo of Hans Henrik Voetmann

    Hans Henrik Voetmann Cast

  13. Photo of Henrik Larsen

    Henrik Larsen Cast

  14. Photo of Claus List Mikkelsen

    Claus List Mikkelsen Cast

  15. Photo of Sarah Boberg

    Sarah Boberg Cast

  16. Photo of Ebba Fjeldmose

    Ebba Fjeldmose Cast

  17. Photo of Neel Rønholt

    Neel Rønholt Cast

  18. Photo of Mikkel Vadsholt

    Mikkel Vadsholt Cast

  19. Photo of Lisbet Djernæs

    Lisbet Djernæs Cast

  20. Photo of Julie Rode Nygaard

    Julie Rode Nygaard Cast

  21. Photo of Steffen Rode

    Steffen Rode Cast

  22. Photo of Signe Vaupel

    Signe Vaupel Cast

  23. Photo of Charlotte Severin

    Charlotte Severin Cast

  24. Photo of Niels Nørløv Hansen

    Niels Nørløv Hansen Cast

  25. Photo of Ian Hansen

    Ian Hansen Cinematography

  26. Photo of Louise Vesth

    Louise Vesth Producer

  27. Photo of Bodil Kjærhauge

    Bodil Kjærhauge Editing