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Picture of Elif Eren

Elif Eren


bu ne insanlık harikası bir projedir !

Picture of Lorena Brandão

Lorena Brandão


Lindo, Maravilhoso, Incrivel

Picture of kirsty



Absolutely beautiful movie.

Picture of Kirby



Beautiful film, showcasing happy and not-so-happy times from around the world. But was the cow slaughter really necessary?

  • Picture of Verity



    why not? it is something that happens hundreds of thousands of times every day.

Picture of Vaida Kazlauskaitė

Vaida Kazlauskaitė


Not too impressed.The idea to gather videos filmed in one particular day by non-professionals is alright and quite attractive but after watching it for half an hour, the film looses its appeal. Maybe the given chance to film practically everything, with some exceptions where people had to answer a few questions, wasn't that wise of a choice, coz it's pretty obvious that "all are different but also quite the same"

Picture of Yumi Tsoy
Picture of Obient



An unique concept. Enjoy it. Especially morning in Bali, remind me about my homeland.

Picture of Cassandra Niki

Cassandra Niki


Sometimes funny, sometimes beautiful, sometimes moving, sometimes sad, and sometimes disturbing. Found it compelling and smart, but I wasn't happy with its ending, it deserved a better one.

  • Picture of Steve "The Schmuck" Pulaski

    Steve "The Schmuck" Pulaski


    I thought the same at first until I thought about it. It is a wonderful film, but one that is very hard to end. For me, after watching it again, the ending was sufficient.

Picture of goeienag



This is one of those films that makes me feel like I saw things I'm not supposed to I'm prying into people's lives and finding out their secrets, if that makes sense. I absolutely loved it.

Picture of Austin



It is surprising how a film spanning the content of people of the world in one day, cut down to a mere 95 minutes, further allowed me to grasp the relation we all share, despite cultural differences, in the simplicity of being alive(love, hopes, fears, etc.) and all that is attached with living and surviving another day. A truly inspiring movie.

Picture of selenartan



This documentary showcases that although life as we live it may differ across cultures and geographies, our fears and hopes and many daily practices are essentially the same.

Picture of Danny Dreams

Danny Dreams


An incredible slice of human life guaranteed to motivate and inspire you. I think everyone should see it at least once.

Picture of Noslen



É uma viagem brilhante sem forma ou estrutura. Por momentos, parece que percorremos o planeta terra num único dia e esse foi o 24 de Julho de 2010. A variedade de captações, de histórias, de culturas, de momentos, de contextos e pessoas é mote de sonhar em ultrapassar os limites em que estamos limitados.

Picture of Sean



I found this to be a very beautiful look at life during one single day on Earth, I didn't think it was boring at all, had me interested all the way through. To me it represents who I am as a human being, my fears, my loves, what makes me laugh and cry, because hey, thats life, man. If you can't watch this movie as a human being instead of a film critic then why are you watching?

Picture of LifeofFiction



A beautiful exploration of life. In brings to mind Jean Vigo's "À propos de Nice".

Picture of Øyvind Rype

Øyvind Rype


Feels like a 90min long commercial for Kodak with random snippets of human life neatly pieced together with lush pop music in the background, all under a "Life is spectacular"-banner. Enjoyable but has it changed my perception on the world and my life? Not sure.

Picture of Tom Noblett

Tom Noblett


Choice of picture/thumbnail is not representative of the film.

Picture of delbertgrady



Mostly dull and banal. It should have been renamed Life in a Day in the USA considering most of it featured Americans.

Picture of dylanhughes



Free to watch on youtube:

Picture of VotreX



21st century time capsule, or surveillance footage for aliens.