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  1. Photo of Raúl Ruiz

    Raúl Ruiz Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Jean-Louis Schefer

    Jean-Louis Schefer Screenplay

  3. Photo of Pedro Calderón de la Barca

    Pedro Calderón de la Barca Play

  4. Photo of Sylvain Thirolle

    Sylvain Thirolle Cast

  5. Photo of Roch Leibovici

    Roch Leibovici Cast

  6. Photo of Bénédicte Sire

    Bénédicte Sire Cast

  7. Photo of Jean-Bernard Guillard

    Jean-Bernard Guillard Cast

  8. Photo of Jean-Pierre Agazar

    Jean-Pierre Agazar Cast

  9. Photo of Alain Halle-Halle

    Alain Halle-Halle Cast

  10. Photo of Jean-François Lapalus

    Jean-François Lapalus Cast

  11. Photo of Alain Rimoux

    Alain Rimoux Cast

  12. Photo of Laurence Cortadellas

    Laurence Cortadellas Cast

  13. Photo of Jacques Bouquin

    Jacques Bouquin Cinematography

  14. Photo of Jorge Arriagada

    Jorge Arriagada Music

  15. Photo of Jean-Luc Larguier

    Jean-Luc Larguier Executive Producer

  16. Photo of Martine Bouquin

    Martine Bouquin Editing

  17. Photo of Rudolfo Wedeles

    Rudolfo Wedeles Editing

  18. Photo of Jean-Claude Brisson

    Jean-Claude Brisson Sound