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  1. Photo of Giulio Petroni

    Giulio Petroni Screenplay and Director

  2. Photo of Franco Castellano

    Franco Castellano Screenplay

  3. Photo of Günter Ebert

    Günter Ebert Screenplay

  4. Photo of Antonino Marino

    Antonino Marino Screenplay

  5. Photo of Giuseppe Moccia

    Giuseppe Moccia Screenplay

  6. Photo of Antoinette Pellevant

    Antoinette Pellevant Screenplay

  7. Photo of Piero Regnoli

    Piero Regnoli Screenplay

  8. Photo of Ennio Morricone

    Ennio Morricone Music

  9. Photo of Alessandro D'Eva

    Alessandro D'Eva Cinematography

  10. Photo of Nino Baragli

    Nino Baragli Editing

  11. Photo of Sergio Canevari

    Sergio Canevari Production Design

  12. Photo of Bruno Jaboni

    Bruno Jaboni Sound

  13. Photo of Tomas Milian

    Tomas Milian Cast

  14. Photo of Gregg Palmer

    Gregg Palmer Cast

  15. Photo of Janet Agren

    Janet Agren Cast

  16. Photo of Maurice Poli

    Maurice Poli Cast

  17. Photo of Giovanni Cianfriglia

    Giovanni Cianfriglia Cast

  18. Photo of Carla Mancini

    Carla Mancini Cast

  19. Photo of Stelio Candelli

    Stelio Candelli Cast

  20. Photo of Horst Janson

    Horst Janson Cast

  21. Photo of Renzo Marignano

    Renzo Marignano Cast

  22. Photo of Paul Muller

    Paul Muller Cast