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  1. Louisa Savignon's rating of the film Life Itself

    It brings a tear, Into my eyes, When I begin, To realize

  2. James Mackin's rating of the film Life Itself

    Roger Ebert was always my favourite film critic, and this is a great film about love of cinema.

  3. nvtsrmr's rating of the film Life Itself

    I knew his name when I first bought pirated DVDs in my early teen years. And since that, I had bought a lot of DVDs that got his name and his short comment on them. So, he is very familiar. But I never knew and never really wanted to care to google his name at all. But this film helps me to get to know about someone who was really great at what he was doing when he was alive. Thumbs up to you, Mister.

  4. thejslewis's rating of the film Life Itself

    This is a testament of living and dying and all the loving that takes place therein. LIFE ITSELF is a towering and inspiring monument to Roger Ebert, a man that altered my existence. After a lifetime of film consumption and evaluation, Roger knew how to make a great one of his own.

  5. TZUHSIEN TANG's rating of the film Life Itself

  6. lndah's rating of the film Life Itself

    Enjoy the documentary despite unsettled feeling on whether or not Ebert deserve a biopic..

  7. John Matrix's rating of the film Life Itself

    Informative, well-paced, & critical of its subject. LIFE ITSELF doesn't shy way from exploring Ebert's embarassing bouts of petulance or the concern that his style of criticism engendered among the film critic intelligentsia (e.g. Richard Corliss). Nevertheless it's mostly affectionate. Unfortunately director Steve James barely addresses why Ebert chose to dedicate his journalistic career to film & not something else

  8. CarlosEsquives's rating of the film Life Itself

    Que se trate de Ebert es el mérito de este documental. Lastimosamente no ha sido abordado de la forma más inspiradora. El filme depende del historial condensado del periodista y crítico de cine, además de la fórmula de contemplar el padecimiento del protagonista sin filtro. Queda sin embargo dos escenas para la memoria. Una fuente fílmica de Siskel vs. Ebert y a un Scorsese quebrándose por la emoción.

  9. rachel collier's rating of the film Life Itself

  10. The Macho King's rating of the film Life Itself

  11. patríciapinho's rating of the film Life Itself

  12. Maria Aestas's rating of the film Life Itself

    Don´t get the hype about this film. It´s a very conventional docu-style, very american and kind of one-sided in it´s glorifing the man. And I get the feeling despite his talent he was a rather arogant and sexist fella.

  13. henja's rating of the film Life Itself

    Ebert was/is an inspiration. James did a great job here!

  14. f-nanda's rating of the film Life Itself

    "And the purpose of civilization and growth is to be able to reach out and empathize a little bit with other people. And for me the movies are like a machine that generates empathy. It lets you understand a little bit more about different hopes, aspirations, dreams, and fears. It helps us to identify with the people who are sharing this journey with us."

  15. Violins By Night's rating of the film Life Itself

  16. Morris Bros.'s rating of the film Life Itself

  17. Henrique Amud's rating of the film Life Itself

    I barely know who Ebert was and his importance to film criticism in america, but it wasn't hard to connect with such a beautiful, if somewhat flawed, character. Wonderful and heartbreaking.

  18. Jimmi HRS's rating of the film Life Itself

    A touching and unbiased insight into Roger Ebert, a man I'm sure all of us here can learn from.

  19. mpho3's rating of the film Life Itself

    "James, attempting to emulate Ebert's broad reach as a writer by rendering his own film accessible, falls short and resorts to conventionally reporting widely known biographical facts, inadvertently highlighting the challenges of attaining the kind of accessibility that Ebert himself misleadingly appeared to effortlessly achieve. -- Chuck Bowen, Bowen's convolution nevertheless rings true.

  20. jooley's rating of the film Life Itself

  21. KafkaesqueKyle's rating of the film Life Itself

    The Art Theater in Champaign, IL is my favorite place on Earth. I walk in, order a Bailey's and coffee, then join in with the small community of film buffs and writers alike. Five stars for Ebert, and for this touching tribute that moved me to tears. Ebert is and always will be one of my favorite humans that has ever existed. He is my hero, and is the reason I am here, writing reviews and watching films.

  22. A.B. II: The Return's rating of the film Life Itself

    "Life Itself" is just about everything you could ask for in a biographical documentary. It's an illuminating and thoroughly comprehensive examination of a fascinating life. It successfully conveys Roger Ebert's passion, courage, triumphs and influences, without shying away from the low points of his life and career. Even if you're already a fan of Ebert (as I am), you will learn something new.

  23. Adam Cross's rating of the film Life Itself

    a moving and honest tribute to a man I never really knew existed until he was gone

  24. A47's rating of the film Life Itself

    Was lucky to have sat next to him and Herzog during the interruptus of "Aguirre, the Wrath of God" at the 2010 Conference on World Affairs. I'll never forget that...

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