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  1. Photo of Fernando Vendrell

    Fernando Vendrell Director

  2. Photo of Leite de Vasconcelos

    Leite de Vasconcelos Screenplay

  3. Photo of Felipe Carvalho

    Felipe Carvalho Cast

  4. Photo of Alexandra Antunes

    Alexandra Antunes Cast

  5. Photo of Amaral Matos

    Amaral Matos Cast

  6. Photo of Luis Sarmento

    Luis Sarmento Cast

  7. Photo of Marco D'Almeida

    Marco D'Almeida Cast

  8. Photo of Teresa Madruga

    Teresa Madruga Cast

  9. Photo of Carla Bolito

    Carla Bolito Cast

  10. Photo of Alberto Magassela

    Alberto Magassela Cast

  11. Photo of Ana Magaia

    Ana Magaia Cast

  12. Photo of António Fonseca

    António Fonseca Cast

  13. Photo of Carlos Gomes

    Carlos Gomes Cast

  14. Photo of Vítor Norte

    Vítor Norte Cast

  15. Photo of Marenguele Mawhayi

    Marenguele Mawhayi Cast

  16. Photo of Alfredo Ernesto

    Alfredo Ernesto Cast

  17. Photo of Mario Masini

    Mario Masini Cinematography

  18. Photo of Nuno Canavarro

    Nuno Canavarro Music

  19. Photo of Ana Costa

    Ana Costa Producer

  20. Photo of José Nascimento

    José Nascimento Editing