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  1. Photo of Mikio Naruse

    Mikio Naruse Director

  2. Photo of Sumie Tanaka

    Sumie Tanaka Screenplay

  3. Photo of Fumiko Hayashi

    Fumiko Hayashi Screenplay

  4. Photo of Hideko Takamine

    Hideko Takamine Cast

  5. Photo of Mitsuko Miura

    Mitsuko Miura Cast

  6. Photo of Kyôko Kagawa

    Kyôko Kagawa Cast

  7. Photo of Chieko Murata

    Chieko Murata Cast

  8. Photo of Jun Negami

    Jun Negami Cast

  9. Photo of Eitarô Ozawa

    Eitarô Ozawa Cast

  10. Photo of Kumeko Urabe

    Kumeko Urabe Cast

  11. Photo of Chieko Nakakita

    Chieko Nakakita Cast

  12. Photo of Hisako Takihana

    Hisako Takihana Cast

  13. Photo of Kenzaburo Uemura

    Kenzaburo Uemura Cast

  14. Photo of Mariko Sugioka

    Mariko Sugioka Cast

  15. Photo of Osamu Maruyama

    Osamu Maruyama Cast

  16. Photo of Tadashi Date

    Tadashi Date Cast

  17. Photo of Kenichi Miyajima

    Kenichi Miyajima Cast

  18. Photo of Nobuko Shingu

    Nobuko Shingu Cast

  19. Photo of Tsuneko Sudo

    Tsuneko Sudo Cast

  20. Photo of Kaku Takashina

    Kaku Takashina Cast

  21. Photo of Yumeko Takehisa

    Yumeko Takehisa Cast

  22. Photo of Shigeyoshi Mine

    Shigeyoshi Mine Cinematography

  23. Photo of Ichirô Saitô

    Ichirô Saitô Music

  24. Photo of Toyo Suzuki

    Toyo Suzuki Editing