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  1. Photo of Anatole Litvak

    Anatole Litvak Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Serge Veber

    Serge Veber Screenplay

  3. Photo of Charles-Henry Hirsch

    Charles-Henry Hirsch Screenplay

  4. Photo of Dorothy Farnum

    Dorothy Farnum Screenplay

  5. Photo of Tristan Bernard

    Tristan Bernard Screenplay

  6. Photo of Jean Gabin

    Jean Gabin Cast

  7. Photo of Marcelle Romée

    Marcelle Romée Cast

  8. Photo of André Luguet

    André Luguet Cast

  9. Photo of Madeleine Guitty

    Madeleine Guitty Cast

  10. Photo of Carlotta Conti

    Carlotta Conti Cast

  11. Photo of Lydie Villars

    Lydie Villars Cast

  12. Photo of Fréhel

    Fréhel Cast

  13. Photo of Marcel Delaître

    Marcel Delaître Cast

  14. Photo of Paul Amiot

    Paul Amiot Cast

  15. Photo of Georges Paulais

    Georges Paulais Cast

  16. Photo of Pierre Labry

    Pierre Labry Cast

  17. Photo of Fernandel

    Fernandel Cast

  18. Photo of Curt Courant

    Curt Courant Cinematography

  19. Photo of Maurice Yvain

    Maurice Yvain Music

  20. Photo of Serge Piménoff

    Serge Piménoff Production Design