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  1. Photo of Mariano Galperin

    Mariano Galperin Director, Producer Screenplay

  2. Photo of Guido José Mizrahi

    Guido José Mizrahi Screenplay

  3. Photo of Luis Ziembrowsky

    Luis Ziembrowsky Cast

  4. Photo of Paula Ituriza

    Paula Ituriza Cast

  5. Photo of Cristina Banegas

    Cristina Banegas Cast

  6. Photo of José Fabio Sancinetto

    José Fabio Sancinetto Cast

  7. Photo of Sebastián Borensztein

    Sebastián Borensztein Cast

  8. Photo of Valentina Liernud

    Valentina Liernud Cast

  9. Photo of Martín Pavlovsky

    Martín Pavlovsky Cast

  10. Photo of Horacio Dener

    Horacio Dener Cast

  11. Photo of Gregory Dayton

    Gregory Dayton Cast

  12. Photo of Julieta Valina

    Julieta Valina Cast

  13. Photo of Kevin Melnisky

    Kevin Melnisky Cast

  14. Photo of Lucía Mizrahi

    Lucía Mizrahi Cast

  15. Photo of Sepe Zayas

    Sepe Zayas Cinematography

  16. Photo of Andrés Calamaro

    Andrés Calamaro Music

  17. Photo of Lorena Ventimiglia

    Lorena Ventimiglia Production Design

  18. Photo of Sebastián Perillo

    Sebastián Perillo Producer

  19. Photo of Lía Dansker

    Lía Dansker Editing