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  1. Maria Cintra's rating of the film Lion

    I'd say its worth watching for the story

  2. Sơn Phước's rating of the film Lion

    Emotion & interesting at first, but boring when Kidman & Mara appears.

  3. FCC 86's rating of the film Lion

    “The world has enough people in it”

  4. Aaron C Jones's rating of the film Lion

    The whole opening sequence with little Saroo is really good. I like Dev Patel and Rooney Mara as actors, but some of the little exposition bits with the college students felt a little too on the nose at times, so that hurt the middle of the film. Ultimately a good film with potential but it doesn't quite live up to it.

  5. raquel_ag's rating of the film Lion

    Enredo: ★★★★★ Cinematografia: ★★★★ Tom: ★★★★ Música e Som: ★★★★ Representação: ★★★★★

  6. Azer Suat Tatlı's rating of the film Lion

    come on.. this one costed me some of my tear drops... go to to find out how you can support organizations which are helping to those families who lost their children all over the world.

  7. Claire Wongsutin's rating of the film Lion

  8. xjulianabx's rating of the film Lion

  9. mmjy's rating of the film Lion

    first half 4.5, second half 3

  10. Shahin Katila's rating of the film Lion

  11. Mariana Narciso's rating of the film Lion

  12. Thomas Dods's rating of the film Lion

    The first half is magnificent and heartbreaking - often dialogue free pure cinema. Whilst the second act is more conventional, the performances are very strong and the film maintains its emotional intelligence throughout. A pleasant surprise given the saccharin nature of Lion’s marketing campaign.

  13. agostinellips's rating of the film Lion

    This is one of those films that make me ignore its flaws and just get carried away.

  14. Chichago_'s rating of the film Lion

    Just another typical character that Dev Patel would be suitable to play. The true story itself is amazing, but somehow the depiction in the film didn't move me at all.

  15. nadnab's rating of the film Lion

  16. Mr.Rager's rating of the film Lion

    Honestly i was expectin more from this movie, a lot more. The first part is very sensible, a raw emotion is felt from the very beginning. The cinematography is superb. Unfortunately the sec act is bad and doesn't know how to keep things on track. Mara is like a ghost here :( Sia's song also is "nah" and doesn't fit perfectly. 7/10.

  17. Deiner's rating of the film Lion

    I rarely cry when I watch movies but with this film I just couldn't hold back the tears. I loved the first half, it was raw and intense but also surprisingly touching. Unfortunately, the second half lost that special spark right until the last scenes, that's when I started crying like a baby. I liked the photography a lot and I think the actors gave really solid performances. Sunny Pawar in particular was phenomenal.

  18. ara's rating of the film Lion

    dev and that child actor were both amazing in this. this is a very powerful film about memory and feeling like a part of yourself is lost (and then finding that and redeeming yourself). i think the cynics that weren't swayed have not experienced that feeling. this could have been corny, oscar-bait, and I went in thinking this, but this was simply a good film if watch closely and let yourself believe (lol)

  19.'s rating of the film Lion

    A small Indian boy Saroo is left on the platform by his brother, jumps on the standing train then ends up a thousand miles away lost in every way. He suffers many perils but winds up being adopted by an Australian family with Nicole Kidman as his new mother in Tasmania.

  20. Malik Dowdy's rating of the film Lion

    I felt like this film never left its feet.

  21. Lewis Taylor's rating of the film Lion

    An enchanting first act, unfolding with a quiet, affecting simplicity, degenerates the moment we leave India, and find ourselves trapped in Saroo's dull, ham-handed family/relationship drama. *Adult life* isn't quite so magical.

  22. Morris Bros.'s rating of the film Lion

  23. Ordet Ordet's rating of the film Lion

    Nothing but great acting by saroo boy.

  24. Smaro Papaevangelou's rating of the film Lion

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