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  1. Photo of Slava Tsukerman

    Slava Tsukerman Director, Editing, Screenplay Producer

  2. Photo of Anne Carlisle

    Anne Carlisle Screenplay and Cast

  3. Photo of Nina V. Kerova

    Nina V. Kerova Screenplay

  4. Photo of Paula E. Sheppard

    Paula E. Sheppard Cast

  5. Photo of Susan Doukas

    Susan Doukas Cast

  6. Photo of Otto von Wernherr

    Otto von Wernherr Cast

  7. Photo of Bob Brady

    Bob Brady Cast

  8. Photo of Elaine C. Grove

    Elaine C. Grove Cast

  9. Photo of Stanley Knapp

    Stanley Knapp Cast

  10. Photo of Jack Adalist

    Jack Adalist Cast

  11. Photo of Lloyd Ziff

    Lloyd Ziff Cast

  12. Photo of Harry Lum

    Harry Lum Cast

  13. Photo of Yuri Neyman

    Yuri Neyman Cinematography

  14. Photo of Marina Levikova

    Marina Levikova Production Design and Costume Design

  15. Photo of Robert Field

    Robert Field Executive Producer

  16. Photo of Sharyn L. Ross

    Sharyn L. Ross Editing