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  1. Photo of Didier Cohen

    Didier Cohen Screenplay

  2. Photo of Gérard Mordillat

    Gérard Mordillat Screenplay

  3. Photo of Claude Klotz

    Claude Klotz Screenplay

  4. Photo of Jeanne Moreau

    Jeanne Moreau Cast

  5. Photo of Marion Cotillard

    Marion Cotillard Cast

  6. Photo of Benoît Magimel

    Benoît Magimel Cast

  7. Photo of Sagamore Stévenin

    Sagamore Stévenin Cast

  8. Photo of Julia Vaidis-Bogard

    Julia Vaidis-Bogard Cast

  9. Photo of Michel Jonasz

    Michel Jonasz Cast

  10. Photo of Catherine Arditi

    Catherine Arditi Cast

  11. Photo of Denise Chalem

    Denise Chalem Cast

  12. Photo of Johan Leysen

    Johan Leysen Cast

  13. Photo of Jacques Pater

    Jacques Pater Cast

  14. Photo of Micky El Mazroui

    Micky El Mazroui Cast

  15. Photo of Marisa Berenson

    Marisa Berenson Cast

  16. Photo of Pierre Dherte

    Pierre Dherte Cast

  17. Photo of Filip Peeters

    Filip Peeters Cast

  18. Photo of Hélène Theunissen

    Hélène Theunissen Cast

  19. Photo of Michael Hirsch

    Michael Hirsch Cast

  20. Photo of Walther van den Ende

    Walther van den Ende Cinematography

  21. Photo of Gabriel Yared

    Gabriel Yared Music

  22. Photo of Pierre-François Limbosch

    Pierre-François Limbosch Production Design

  23. Photo of Paul Giovanni

    Paul Giovanni Producer

  24. Photo of Jean-Luc Azoulay

    Jean-Luc Azoulay Executive Producer

  25. Photo of Pierre Grimblat

    Pierre Grimblat Executive Producer, Director Screenplay

  26. Photo of Marie-Astrid Lamboray

    Marie-Astrid Lamboray Executive Producer

  27. Photo of Marie-Sophie Dubus

    Marie-Sophie Dubus Editing