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  1. Photo of Francesc Bellmunt

    Francesc Bellmunt Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Aristophanes

    Aristophanes Screenplay

  3. Photo of Ralf König

    Ralf König Screenplay

  4. Photo of Julián Elizalde

    Julián Elizalde Cinematography

  5. Photo of Jaume Martí

    Jaume Martí Editing

  6. Photo of Maribel Verdú

    Maribel Verdú Cast

  7. Photo of Juan Luis Galiardo

    Juan Luis Galiardo Cast

  8. Photo of Javier Gurruchaga

    Javier Gurruchaga Cast

  9. Photo of Eduardo Antuña

    Eduardo Antuña Cast

  10. Photo of Antonio Belart

    Antonio Belart Cast

  11. Photo of Albert Trifol

    Albert Trifol Cast

  12. Photo of Aitor Mazo

    Aitor Mazo Cast

  13. Photo of Tete Delgado

    Tete Delgado Cast

  14. Photo of Jesús Bonilla

    Jesús Bonilla Cast

  15. Photo of Carles Flavià

    Carles Flavià Cast

  16. Photo of Toni Albà

    Toni Albà Cast

  17. Photo of David Gil

    David Gil Cast

  18. Photo of Elisenda Ribas

    Elisenda Ribas Cast

  19. Photo of Maria Lanau

    Maria Lanau Cast

  20. Photo of Daniel Casadellà

    Daniel Casadellà Cast

  21. Photo of Marina Gatell

    Marina Gatell Cast