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  1. Photo of Michael Herbig

    Michael Herbig Director, Producer, Screenplay, and Voice

  2. Photo of Alfons Biedermann

    Alfons Biedermann Screenplay

  3. Photo of Christian Tramitz

    Christian Tramitz Voice

  4. Photo of Rick Kavanian

    Rick Kavanian Voice

  5. Photo of Lotte Ledl

    Lotte Ledl Voice

  6. Photo of Waldemar Kobus

    Waldemar Kobus Voice

  7. Photo of Gerd Knebel

    Gerd Knebel Voice

  8. Photo of Henni Nachtsheim

    Henni Nachtsheim Voice

  9. Photo of Ralf Wengenmayr

    Ralf Wengenmayr Music

  10. Photo of Michael Waldleitner

    Michael Waldleitner Executive Producer

  11. Photo of Christoph Hutterer

    Christoph Hutterer Editing

  12. Photo of Marc Michel

    Marc Michel Editing

  13. Photo of Raoul Cacciamani

    Raoul Cacciamani Animation

  14. Photo of Mascha Jürgens

    Mascha Jürgens Animation

  15. Photo of Peter Kaboth

    Peter Kaboth Animation