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Ratings & Reviews

  1. el.'s rating of the film Lisztomania

    Once I've gotten through the tedious first 30 minutes, this just kept getting better and better.

  2. Erik F.'s rating of the film Lisztomania

    This movie is so weird and wild it's almost beyond description. It's got a giant penis sculpture, a Charlie Chaplin dream sequence, a vampiric Richard Wagner, and an ending where Liszt blasts off into space inside a pipe-organ rocketship. In other words, NOT a standard biopic.

  3. Moses Lumpkin's rating of the film Lisztomania

    Tommy was essential a practice run.

  4. s1gh6's rating of the film Lisztomania

    There is no sense to add something. It's perfect.

  5. Robert Karol's rating of the film Lisztomania

    Outrageous, anachronistic, a lush comic book take on Franz Liszt's life, mixing rock and roll excess and superhero/horror movie iconography into an over-the-top but still moving film.

  6. mnovaes's rating of the film Lisztomania

    quase uma pornô-chanchada surreal. Roger Daltrey gênio.

  7. Christopher R. Smith's rating of the film Lisztomania

    In terms of sheer outrageousness, it'd be hard to beat Ken Russell's cartoonish biopic which drops historical accuracy entirely in favor of wacky comic book satire. It's not for all tastes, and may not be as deep or emotionally inspired as some of his other masterpieces, but this is a tremendously entertaining showcase for Russell's outrageous, witty imagination.

  8. Richmond Hill's rating of the film Lisztomania

    A mess - and not even a glorious one. Cashing-in on Tommy this is a misjudged attempt to retell the life of Liszt as a 'pop star' and provides a sad coda to the peak Russell period of the early 70s. Little insight into the creative process, instead just crude metaphorical allusions to Nazism, idolatry & Nietzsche. The wonderfully vulgar Busby Berkley-esque penis dance is about the high peak of this wasted opportunity