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  1. Photo of Vladimir Fokin

    Vladimir Fokin Director, Screenplay

  2. Photo of Valentin Ezhov

    Valentin Ezhov Screenplay

  3. Photo of Vladimir Ezhov

    Vladimir Ezhov Screenplay

  4. Photo of Ingeburg Kretschmar

    Ingeburg Kretschmar Screenplay

  5. Photo of Sergei Filippov

    Sergei Filippov Cinematography

  6. Photo of Torsten Naleppa

    Torsten Naleppa Cast

  7. Photo of Boris Tokarev

    Boris Tokarev Cast

  8. Photo of Yuriy Nazarov

    Yuriy Nazarov Cast

  9. Photo of Mikhail Kokshenov

    Mikhail Kokshenov Cast

  10. Photo of Olaf Schneider

    Olaf Schneider Cast

  11. Photo of Ute Lubosch

    Ute Lubosch Cast

  12. Photo of Nikolai Skorobogatov

    Nikolai Skorobogatov Cast

  13. Photo of Harry Wolff

    Harry Wolff Cast

  14. Photo of Walfriede Schmitt

    Walfriede Schmitt Cast

  15. Photo of Hans-Uwe Bauer

    Hans-Uwe Bauer Cast

  16. Photo of Olaf Boddeutsch

    Olaf Boddeutsch Cast

  17. Photo of Michael Falkenhagen

    Michael Falkenhagen Cast

  18. Photo of Tamara Belyayeva

    Tamara Belyayeva Editing

  19. Photo of Erich Krüllke

    Erich Krüllke Production Design

  20. Photo of Eduard Artemyev

    Eduard Artemyev Music

  21. Photo of Valentin Khlobynin

    Valentin Khlobynin Sound

  22. Photo of Günter Schmidt

    Günter Schmidt Costume Design