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  1. Photo of Sandra Werneck

    Sandra Werneck Director and Producer

  2. Photo of Paulo Halm

    Paulo Halm Screenplay

  3. Photo of José Roberto Torero

    José Roberto Torero Screenplay

  4. Photo of Andrea Beltrão

    Andrea Beltrão Cast

  5. Photo of Daniel Dantas

    Daniel Dantas Cast

  6. Photo of Tony Ramos

    Tony Ramos Cast

  7. Photo of José Wilker

    José Wilker Cast

  8. Photo of Glória Pires

    Glória Pires Cast

  9. Photo of Monica Torres

    Monica Torres Cast

  10. Photo of Marcos Winter

    Marcos Winter Cast

  11. Photo of Walter Carvalho

    Walter Carvalho Cinematography

  12. Photo of Ed Motta

    Ed Motta Music

  13. Photo of João Nabuco

    João Nabuco Music

  14. Photo of Cláudio Amaral Peixoto

    Cláudio Amaral Peixoto Production Design

  15. Photo of Marc Beauchamps

    Marc Beauchamps Producer

  16. Photo of Silvio Da-Rin

    Silvio Da-Rin Producer

  17. Photo of Bruno Wainer

    Bruno Wainer Producer

  18. Photo of Alvarina Souza e Silva

    Alvarina Souza e Silva Executive Producer

  19. Photo of Virginia Flores

    Virginia Flores Sound and Editing

  20. Photo of Consercie Ribeiro

    Consercie Ribeiro Sound

  21. Photo of José Luiz Sasso

    José Luiz Sasso Sound

  22. Photo of Pedro Sayad

    Pedro Sayad Costume Design