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Ratings & Reviews

  1. orangey's rating of the film Little Evil

    what starts out as a promising satire of family films and parenting culture slowly turns into a mawkish love-your-kids feel good celebration

  2. Mugino's rating of the film Little Evil

    "My son shit in my sock drawer. It's the top drawer. [...] And that means that he crawled up onto the fucking dresser, turned around, grabbed onto the mirror and then fucking opened the top drawer, and then shit into the top drawer. In the mirror, he was looking at himself knowing what he was doing, shitting in my sock drawer."

  3. andretz's rating of the film Little Evil

  4. João R's rating of the film Little Evil

    It's not a strong movie but the various horror movies' references and the subtle but effective humor made it stand out. Also, the analogy designed here - step-parenting and the sacrifices to protect the Antichrist - is very amusing to watch.

  5. Wee Hunk's rating of the film Little Evil

    The story is a bit corny and predictable, but there are good laughs interspersed. Great supporting cast as well.