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  1. Photo of Howard Hesseman

    Howard Hesseman Cast

  2. Photo of Jennifer Love Hewitt

    Jennifer Love Hewitt Cast

  3. Photo of Anita Morris

    Anita Morris Cast

  4. Photo of James Avery

    James Avery Cast

  5. Photo of Robert Fieldsteel

    Robert Fieldsteel Cast

  6. Photo of Steve Landesberg

    Steve Landesberg Cast

  7. Photo of Terri Treas

    Terri Treas Cast

  8. Photo of Paul Hertzberg

    Paul Hertzberg Cast

  9. Photo of Lenny Juliano

    Lenny Juliano Cast

  10. Photo of Patrick J. Statham

    Patrick J. Statham Cast

  11. Photo of Dee Booher

    Dee Booher Cast

  12. Photo of Rick Dean

    Rick Dean Cast

  13. Photo of Toni Naples

    Toni Naples Cast

  14. Photo of Pat Brady

    Pat Brady Cast

  15. Photo of Ace Mask

    Ace Mask Cast

  16. Photo of Lorna Scott

    Lorna Scott Cast

  17. Photo of Bobby Brewer

    Bobby Brewer Cast

  18. Photo of R.J. Robertson

    R.J. Robertson Cast and Screenplay

  19. Photo of Cole S. McKay

    Cole S. McKay Cast

  20. Photo of Jim Wynorski

    Jim Wynorski Cast, Director Screenplay

  21. Photo of John Terlesky

    John Terlesky Cast

  22. Photo of Zoran Hochstätter

    Zoran Hochstätter Cinematography

  23. Photo of Joel Goldsmith

    Joel Goldsmith Music

  24. Photo of Mike Elliott

    Mike Elliott Producer

  25. Photo of Roger Corman

    Roger Corman Executive Producer

  26. Photo of Richard Gentner

    Richard Gentner Editing

  27. Photo of Halldor Enard

    Halldor Enard Editing

  28. Photo of Jan Kikumoto

    Jan Kikumoto Editing

  29. Photo of Esther P. Russell

    Esther P. Russell Editing

  30. Photo of Merry Cheers

    Merry Cheers Sound

  31. Photo of Michael Clark

    Michael Clark Sound

  32. Photo of Cameron Hamza

    Cameron Hamza Sound

  33. Photo of Ken Regan

    Ken Regan Sound

  34. Photo of Camilla Mauritzson Skjaerbaek

    Camilla Mauritzson Skjaerbaek Sound

  35. Photo of Daniel W. Victor Jr.

    Daniel W. Victor Jr. Sound

  36. Photo of Kevin Kutchaver

    Kevin Kutchaver Animation