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  1. Photo of Jane Spencer

    Jane Spencer Screenplay and Director

  2. Photo of Anthony Brito

    Anthony Brito Screenplay

  3. Photo of Jon Zeiderman

    Jon Zeiderman Screenplay

  4. Photo of Tatum O'Neal

    Tatum O'Neal Cast

  5. Photo of Crispin Glover

    Crispin Glover Cast

  6. Photo of Nina Siemaszko

    Nina Siemaszko Cast

  7. Photo of Tate Donovan

    Tate Donovan Cast

  8. Photo of Matthew Hutton

    Matthew Hutton Cast

  9. Photo of Gianin Loffler

    Gianin Loffler Cast

  10. Photo of Steven Schub

    Steven Schub Cast

  11. Photo of Cathy Haase

    Cathy Haase Cast

  12. Photo of Rik Mayall

    Rik Mayall Cast

  13. Photo of John C. McGinley

    John C. McGinley Cast

  14. Photo of Carole Shelley

    Carole Shelley Cast

  15. Photo of Carolyn Farina

    Carolyn Farina Cast

  16. Photo of Barry Papick

    Barry Papick Cast

  17. Photo of Makoto Watanabe

    Makoto Watanabe Cinematography

  18. Photo of Kurt Hoffmann

    Kurt Hoffmann Music

  19. Photo of Fritz Van Orden

    Fritz Van Orden Music

  20. Photo of Charles M. Lagola

    Charles M. Lagola Production Design

  21. Photo of Alison Cornyn

    Alison Cornyn Production Design

  22. Photo of Lowell D. Blank

    Lowell D. Blank Producer

  23. Photo of Ernie Fritz

    Ernie Fritz Producer and Editing

  24. Photo of Brad Michael Gilbert

    Brad Michael Gilbert Producer

  25. Photo of Michael Spielberg

    Michael Spielberg Producer

  26. Photo of Mike DePrez

    Mike DePrez Editing

  27. Photo of Mike Murphy

    Mike Murphy Editing

  28. Photo of Taylor Kincaid Cheek

    Taylor Kincaid Cheek Costume Design

  29. Photo of Taylor Cheeks

    Taylor Cheeks Costume Design