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  1. Photo of José de Carvalho

    José de Carvalho Screenplay

  2. Photo of Homero Olivetto

    Homero Olivetto Screenplay

  3. Photo of Raquel Pacheco

    Raquel Pacheco Screenplay

  4. Photo of Antônia Pellegrino

    Antônia Pellegrino Screenplay

  5. Photo of Jorge Tarquini

    Jorge Tarquini Screenplay

  6. Photo of Deborah Secco

    Deborah Secco Cast

  7. Photo of Cássio Gabus Mendes

    Cássio Gabus Mendes Cast

  8. Photo of Drica Moraes

    Drica Moraes Cast

  9. Photo of Fabiula Nascimento

    Fabiula Nascimento Cast

  10. Photo of Cristina Lago

    Cristina Lago Cast

  11. Photo of Guta Ruiz

    Guta Ruiz Cast

  12. Photo of Clarisse Abujamra

    Clarisse Abujamra Cast

  13. Photo of Luciano Chirolli

    Luciano Chirolli Cast

  14. Photo of Juliano Cazarré

    Juliano Cazarré Cast

  15. Photo of Gustavo Machado

    Gustavo Machado Cast

  16. Photo of Simone Iliescu

    Simone Iliescu Cast

  17. Photo of Érika Puga

    Érika Puga Cast

  18. Photo of Brenda Lígia

    Brenda Lígia Cast

  19. Photo of Marcelo Corpanni

    Marcelo Corpanni Cinematography

  20. Photo of Gui Amabis

    Gui Amabis Music

  21. Photo of Rica Amabis

    Rica Amabis Music

  22. Photo of André Lucarelli

    André Lucarelli Music

  23. Photo of Tejo

    Tejo Music

  24. Photo of Luiz Roque

    Luiz Roque Production Design

  25. Photo of Marcus Baldini

    Marcus Baldini Producer and Director

  26. Photo of Roberto Berliner

    Roberto Berliner Producer

  27. Photo of Lorena Bondarovsky

    Lorena Bondarovsky Executive Producer

  28. Photo of Rodrigo Letier

    Rodrigo Letier Executive Producer

  29. Photo of Bianca Villar

    Bianca Villar Executive Producer

  30. Photo of Manga Campion

    Manga Campion Editing

  31. Photo of Oswaldo Santana

    Oswaldo Santana Editing

  32. Photo of William Lopes

    William Lopes Sound

  33. Photo of Débora Morbi

    Débora Morbi Sound