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  1. Photo of Naoko Tsutsumi

    Naoko Tsutsumi Producer

  2. Photo of Masahiko Ôtsuka

    Masahiko Ôtsuka Screenplay

  3. Photo of Megumi Han

    Megumi Han Cast

  4. Photo of Yôko Hikasa

    Yôko Hikasa Cast

  5. Photo of Michiyo Murase

    Michiyo Murase Cast

  6. Photo of Fumiko Orikasa

    Fumiko Orikasa Cast

  7. Photo of Michiru Oshima

    Michiru Oshima Music

  8. Photo of Hisao Dendo

    Hisao Dendo Animation

  9. Photo of Shuhei Handa

    Shuhei Handa Animation

  10. Photo of Takafumi Hori

    Takafumi Hori Animation

  11. Photo of Yuto Kaneko

    Yuto Kaneko Animation

  12. Photo of Masaru Sakamoto

    Masaru Sakamoto Animation

  13. Photo of Shota Sannomiya

    Shota Sannomiya Animation

  14. Photo of Mai Yoneyama

    Mai Yoneyama Animation

  15. Photo of Yûsuke Yoshigaki

    Yûsuke Yoshigaki Animation

  16. Photo of Yoh Yoshinari

    Yoh Yoshinari Animation, Director

  17. Photo of Alexandre Widmer

    Alexandre Widmer Sound