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  1. Brotherdeacon's rating of the film Liverpool

    What are there, 5 actual plots among all the films extant? Well, perhaps this one is number 3, but conceived, produced and constructed as a unique vision of number 3. A number 3 like no-one else has yet exposed. Alonso's tempo, images, underground bed of neutered history, nature's anxious bullying, those asking too little, those giving less--all metaphysical realism in frozen fox world amid runes hinting of fire.

  2. Gabriele Mariotti's rating of the film Liverpool

  3. Derrière chaque paupière des oeillades's rating of the film Liverpool

  4. Il secondo maestro del revolver's rating of the film Liverpool

  5. Gonçalo Loureiro's rating of the film Liverpool

  6. Miggy Angel's rating of the film Liverpool

  7. bagno's rating of the film Liverpool

  8. Andrew Miller's rating of the film Liverpool

    I wanted to like this more-- was intrigued by Los Muertos, but the more recent films lack mystery, despite their lovely compositions.

  9. Atzin Ortiz González's rating of the film Liverpool

    An abuse in terms of contemplativeness. Lisandro Alonso undoubtedly has an eye for composition but the images in "Liverpool" are so drunk with themselves that they merely suggests basic elements with no real resonance. Yes, you can think of a dozen things about it's main character and the pseudo existential journey he's facing and pretty much care less as soon as it's done. (1.5)

  10. Sin título.'s rating of the film Liverpool

    Cine contemplativo que retrata a la perfección las decisiones erráticas de un hombre que parece apreciar más la soledad en el proceso que la ambigüedad en la construcción de las relaciones interpersonales.

  11. Alex Khype's rating of the film Liverpool

    Farrel, un marino mercante, regresa después de una larga ausencia a ver a su hija. Los diálogos, a menudo ahogados por el ruido ambiental, marcan el contrapunto al silencio de la soledad. Las tomas largas, sobrias y meticulosas, permiten contemplar a detalle la austera belleza de las locaciones y paisajes.

  12. Ricardo Corona M's rating of the film Liverpool

    Cine de contemplación en el mas puro sentido, cautivante pero conforme avanza termina por perder tu atención.

  13. Marc St-Cyr (Death cinéphilia)'s rating of the film Liverpool

    A little disappointing by the work. I had huge expectation for this one since i saw Los Muertos. Maybe it needs a second chance. But i like the minimalism approach of Alonso to storytelling.

  14. B Star's rating of the film Liverpool

    Another journey to take alongside a less than talkative character. No one is really acting in this movie and yet it is not a documentary. Worth a watch

  15. Superfrog's rating of the film Liverpool

    beatiful photography, did not manage to fully cature my attention

  16. janh24's rating of the film Liverpool

    A very difficult film to 'rate'. It is beautiful yet ordinary, stirring yet dull, and powerful yet vapid.

  17. DrFirestone's rating of the film Liverpool

    Beautiful, amazing scenery, intriguing characters. I loved the minimalistic approach in this film. I think the best way to describe this experience would be a nostalgic, lonely journey. If you expect something else, you will most likely feel disappointed...

  18. Max Seqgar's rating of the film Liverpool

    Pfff the synopsis was clearly written by an Argentinean, because what we are really in front of here is of the most boringly empty films of the 00s.

  19. Leif Erikson's rating of the film Liverpool

    After all, we still have the sheep to tend to...

  20. tealeaves's rating of the film Liverpool

    I really liked the scenes on the ship, thought they were very aptly slow moving and established character so simply. The sense of place in Ushaia was beautiful too. Approved of the lack of dialogue - the characterisation and feel, particuarly the sense of place, were so strong without them.

  21. Safety's rating of the film Liverpool

    Voyeurist neorealism where the tiniest details are completely captivating. Was that a gun in the bag? Was that blood in the snow? Every composition has a snapshot or postcard quality. From inside bedrooms, cabins and cantinas to the stillness of Tierra Del Fuego snowscape, Alonso uses still camera positions so we gaze serenely on and are at one with the phlegmatic hardy souls grasping hold of the tail of the Americas

  22. huitzi's rating of the film Liverpool

    Beautiful pictures and only a few words that say a lot. Great filming and emotions.

  23. CutTheBlueWire's rating of the film Liverpool

    Undeniably beautiful in its minimalistic approach, with shots carrying on nearly endlessly until every element of movement fades into stillness. I cannot fault the film for originality or ability to provoke thoughts on lonliness, existentialism and parenthood. However, the film comes off as an original idea that suffers from being too drawn out and diluted.

  24. stripey's rating of the film Liverpool

    Guiness book of records entry deserved for film with the fewest verbal utterances- moving and memorable, though.

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