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  1. Photo of Gerbert Rappaport

    Gerbert Rappaport Director

  2. Photo of Leonid Trauberg

    Leonid Trauberg Screenplay

  3. Photo of August Jakobson

    August Jakobson Play

  4. Photo of Hugo Laur

    Hugo Laur Cast

  5. Photo of Aino Talvi

    Aino Talvi Cast

  6. Photo of Gunnar Kilgas

    Gunnar Kilgas Cast

  7. Photo of Lia Laats

    Lia Laats Cast

  8. Photo of Lembit Rajala

    Lembit Rajala Cast

  9. Photo of Andres Särev

    Andres Särev Cast

  10. Photo of Betty Kuuskemaa

    Betty Kuuskemaa Cast

  11. Photo of Rudolf Nuude

    Rudolf Nuude Cast

  12. Photo of Aleksander Randviir

    Aleksander Randviir Cast

  13. Photo of Boris Dobronravov

    Boris Dobronravov Cast

  14. Photo of Eduard Tinn

    Eduard Tinn Cast

  15. Photo of Sergei Ivanov

    Sergei Ivanov Cinematography

  16. Photo of Viktor Shildknekht

    Viktor Shildknekht Production Design

  17. Photo of Yevgeni Yenej

    Yevgeni Yenej Production Design

  18. Photo of Eugen Kapp

    Eugen Kapp Music