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  1. Photo of Oreste Coltellacci

    Oreste Coltellacci Producer

  2. Photo of Horst Wendlandt

    Horst Wendlandt Director

  3. Photo of Gábor Pogány

    Gábor Pogány Cinematography

  4. Photo of Edgar Wallace

    Edgar Wallace Screenplay

  5. Photo of Lucio Fulci

    Lucio Fulci Screenplay

  6. Photo of Riccardo Freda

    Riccardo Freda Screenplay and Director

  7. Photo of Paul Hengge

    Paul Hengge Screenplay

  8. Photo of Romano Migliorini

    Romano Migliorini Screenplay

  9. Photo of Gianbattista Mussetto

    Gianbattista Mussetto Screenplay

  10. Photo of Nora Orlandi

    Nora Orlandi Music

  11. Photo of Klaus Kinski

    Klaus Kinski Cast

  12. Photo of Christiane Krüger

    Christiane Krüger Cast

  13. Photo of Günther Stoll

    Günther Stoll Cast

  14. Photo of Annabella Incontrera

    Annabella Incontrera Cast

  15. Photo of Sydney Chaplin

    Sydney Chaplin Cast

  16. Photo of Barbara Nelli

    Barbara Nelli Cast

  17. Photo of Margaret Lee

    Margaret Lee Cast