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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Kieran Fisher's rating of the film Loathing

    This is by far your best work yet sir.

  2. Ryan Jamison's rating of the film Loathing

    The screenplay is atrocious and lacks any subtlety whatsoever, which is an even worse fit for a style that usually sets Reese's work in a more grounded human atmosphere.

  3. DeneIIe Kjellman's rating of the film Loathing

    The worst movie Douglas ever did

  4. M. Haberfelner's rating of the film Loathing

    It's a nice and creepy and atmospheric short, but on closer inspection, it's also pretty blunt, as its story is a bit too over-simplified, its characters are a tad to flat, and it asks its audience to take too much at face value - which is a bit of a shame because director Douglas Reese has proven in the past that he can tell stories and develop characters with very limited means and very little dialogue.