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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Jan Ryan's rating of the film Lobbyists

    Animal Rights Activists dress up like cowboys with ropes and lobby to a catchy tune. They swung Turkey (the country), so it looks like this method might work. Didn't "trigger the viewer's active involvement and reflection" on either the subject or the medium. Having lobbied for causes I care about, I had to quit watching. Too silly. Too facile but I wish it were this creative, fun and easy.

  2. Manuela Brandao's rating of the film Lobbyists

    The diachotomy of right and wrong runs sharply through these "busy" euroburocrat lobbists that will march to wealthy retirement packages and one day will say innocently they were doing they're best. Olafsson as usual created urban imagery of dreams where the critique subtly unmasks the cracks .. "it might slightly backfiring a bit today" but it's genial !

  3. frogman's rating of the film Lobbyists

    I can see why a lot of people hated the audio, but I found it fun and it made me sit up, giving the film a character and memorability it wouldn't otherwise have. I especially loved the sung line: "When I started out, I was attracted to lobbying by something a bit mysterious, the lobbyist as the James Bond of the legislative environment. It might be slightly backfiring. It might be slightly backfiring today." Wow.

  4. julie's rating of the film Lobbyists

    Absolutely horrible audio engineering! The mix is so distracting it is impossible to focus on what is going on. Every audio engineer should know not to place lyrical songs and narration in the same mix. This could have been a very interesting short if they just left out the music. The narrator needs better direction also.

  5. vic.w.'s rating of the film Lobbyists

    I really wanted to like this film, but I found the dub music and overlapping spoken and sung narration too distracting. I also really disliked the narrator's tone and inflection, it was as if she were narrating a fairy tale and not explaining a serious topic of how the lobby industry is shaping public policy. The best scenes for me were the ones with no sound at all, a great example of "show, don't tell" at work.

  6. E.P.Riley's rating of the film Lobbyists