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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Dan Kenneth Gigernes's rating of the film Lock Up

    Brainless prison movie where Sly get even with a evil and corrupt warden. Donald Sutherland could do his villainous role in sleep and still be excellent as the bastard. The absurd script is best treated as an intentional comedy as it is full of plot holes.How powerful is really this warden as he can do pretty much everything with his prisoners.

  2. Palmat's rating of the film Lock Up

    Classic prison movie with Sly on fine form. What the movie lacks in realism and subtlety it makes up in with swift storytelling and fine casting. The performances are pretty good although the actors deal with shallow stereotypes. The score is also pretty good. A good watch if expectations are adjusted.

  3. Maxime Bracquemart's rating of the film Lock Up

    J. Flynn réalise ici un grand moment de cinéma avec des séquences vraiment touchantes et des scènes d'action parfaitement maitrisées.

  4. Don't Get Nasty Brother's rating of the film Lock Up

    We know nothing of the past of the character Sly plays, and that doesn't make him interesting but rather boring. That's most of the story doesn't have, to me, a much deeper impact. Still, Donald Sutherland in his over-the-top performance is very much welcome in spite of his limited screen time.