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  1. enkii__bilal's rating of the film Locke

  2. Michael Zyx MH Claes's rating of the film Locke

    Tom HARDY is Ivan LOCKE, a competent executive who, over the course of one night, alone driving his BMW, becomes a responsible man. Awesome ! === Tom HARDY est Ivan LOCKE, un cadre compétent qui, au fil d'une nuit, seul au volant de sa BMW, devient un homme responsable. Magistral !

  3. tyb's rating of the film Locke

    A well-done character study, fascinatingly small in scope with solid writing and acting.

  4. bonucci's rating of the film Locke

    I liked it. I just think that it should have been short film.

  5. Bonnet Michel's rating of the film Locke

  6. MistaRichard's rating of the film Locke

    Who would've known watching Tom Hardy drive for an hour would be so interesting.

  7. J.J. 'Jake' Gittes's rating of the film Locke

    Yeah, minimalism at it's best. 'Phone Booth', the different kind. Much better. Locke who suffered things, he doesn't want his (born/unborn) & unexpected child to suffer. He’s convinced, it’s his duty, because of abandonment issues he has with his own father. Emazing self-control, obsession of responsability. A man in charge. Facing all consequences. Hardy a great actor, with great script & director. Masterpiece.

  8. evanfrq's rating of the film Locke

    Why he didn't have TV plugged on dashboard so he could watch that live football instead keep asking his son on phone?

  9. J. O.'s rating of the film Locke

    Advertised as a tense thriller ready to rupture - in reality, it's a monotonous drama whose dialogue circles around itself so many times you simply stop caring. An arsehole makes his bed, then lies in it. Tension? Hardy's performance is hokey - a "Welsh" accent that sounds more like an Indian shop owner meets English aristocrat. Oh, and every second shot features crossfades and bokeh. Groundbreaking stuff.

  10. alchimia's rating of the film Locke

    daddy issues and good traffic

  11. Bernardo_'s rating of the film Locke

    It could very well be the greatest twist in cinema if the baby was black

  12. ofNatalie LA's rating of the film Locke

    In which nothing happens but Tom Hardy does an Burtonesque haccente.

  13. Thomas Dods's rating of the film Locke

    It's impressive how gripping this film is despite it basically being a series of phone calls. Hardy gives a committed performance (don't understand the Welsh accent mind) of a man trying to keep his world on track after being thrown a major curveball.

  14. Elle Johnston's rating of the film Locke

    I would love this more if his accent didn't make me wanna shoot someone.

  15. Dave's rating of the film Locke

    Started out promising and intriguing, but lost steam for me. An interesting concept, and very good effort/performance form Hardy, but probably one better suited for a short than a feature length picture.

  16. Mariana Mara Nascimento's rating of the film Locke

  17. Filipe F. Coutinho's rating of the film Locke

    A man who has everything under control drives away from a stable life to do the right thing. It's a fascinating one-man show driven by emotional depth. It gets somewhat repetitive but Hardy's ability to carry the story is noteworthy. What a tremendous actor.

  18. smndvdcl's rating of the film Locke

    Not since '12 Angry Men' has a film with such creative limitation expertly crafted conflict, tension suspense and characterisation to reveal nuanced and multi-faceted character. An oft-ignored diamond of contemporary cinema.

  19. tommy cruise's rating of the film Locke

  20. Amanda A.Costa's rating of the film Locke

    The movie has such a way to keep you entertained, from the very beggining thanks to Tom Hardy s acting. His worried face show us how his world is collapsing. I like the nocturnal atmosphere, with the lights and traffic, reminded me something from Michael Mann in " Colateral ".

  21. Hollywood Overdose's rating of the film Locke

    Years will pass and you will only remember two things: the concrete and that the traffic was okay!

  22. James Mackin's rating of the film Locke

    Surprisingly interesting for being 1.5 hours of Tom Hardy driving on an empty highway, talking on the phone.

  23. SiIencio's rating of the film Locke

    Tom Hardy is solid & in command driving down a M6 that never looked so sexy. What is it so appealing about it all? I think that we are all in awe with Locke, the hero he becomes & always was. We admire his rectitude & integrity, his poise in the face of adversity. And that is simply what single-handedly does it for us. We love his honour, his acceptance while riding away melting into the night like a good old cowboy.

  24. Slow Immersion's rating of the film Locke

    Nice idea, and visually impressive in parts; but way too extended and would have worked better as a short. Much too dialogue driven for my tastes, with no real suspense, and the main character; whether intentionally, or due to terrible acting, feels totally fake. I questioned whether it was actually meant to be a black comedy, but highly unlikely. Wasted potential.

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