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  1. Photo of Dinos Dimopoulos

    Dinos Dimopoulos Director

  2. Photo of Ilias Lyberopoulos

    Ilias Lyberopoulos Screenplay

  3. Photo of Stavros Xarhakos

    Stavros Xarhakos Music

  4. Photo of Nikos Kavoukidis

    Nikos Kavoukidis Cinematography

  5. Photo of Petros Lykas

    Petros Lykas Editing

  6. Photo of Markos Zervas

    Markos Zervas Production Design

  7. Photo of Giannis Fiser

    Giannis Fiser Sound

  8. Photo of Jenny Karezi

    Jenny Karezi Cast

  9. Photo of Nikos Kourkoulos

    Nikos Kourkoulos Cast

  10. Photo of Dionysis Papagiannopoulos

    Dionysis Papagiannopoulos Cast

  11. Photo of Pantelis Zervos

    Pantelis Zervos Cast

  12. Photo of Giannis Vogiatzis

    Giannis Vogiatzis Cast

  13. Photo of Nikos Fermas

    Nikos Fermas Cast

  14. Photo of Lavrentis Dianellos

    Lavrentis Dianellos Cast

  15. Photo of Spyros Kalogirou

    Spyros Kalogirou Cast

  16. Photo of Nanda Tzaka

    Nanda Tzaka Cast

  17. Photo of Anestis Vlahos

    Anestis Vlahos Cast

  18. Photo of Aliki Zografou

    Aliki Zografou Cast

  19. Photo of Thodoros Exarhos

    Thodoros Exarhos Cast