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  1. Photo of Max Ophüls

    Max Ophüls Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Annette Wademant

    Annette Wademant Screenplay

  3. Photo of Jacques Natanson

    Jacques Natanson Screenplay

  4. Photo of Martine Carol

    Martine Carol Cast

  5. Photo of Peter Ustinov

    Peter Ustinov Cast

  6. Photo of Anton Walbrook

    Anton Walbrook Cast

  7. Photo of Will Quadflieg

    Will Quadflieg Cast

  8. Photo of Albert Caraco

    Albert Caraco Producer

  9. Photo of Christian Matras

    Christian Matras Cinematography

  10. Photo of Madeleine Gug

    Madeleine Gug Editing

  11. Photo of Jean d'Eaubonne

    Jean d'Eaubonne Production Design

  12. Photo of Georges Annenkov

    Georges Annenkov Costume Design

  13. Photo of Georges Auric

    Georges Auric Music

  14. Photo of Oskar Werner

    Oskar Werner Cast

  15. Photo of Ivan Desny

    Ivan Desny Cast

  16. Photo of Henri Guisol

    Henri Guisol Cast