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  1. mubianer's rating of the film London

    3.5 stars. 25 years later IRA terrorism is replaced with Islamist terrorism and more and more of London has been swallowed by gentrification (interesting to see the clips from Brixton and Spitalfields). London was in a state of decline that later would be replaced by a finance and housing boom (that not everybody would benefit from). You learn more about a city from it's outskirts, like Hanwell, than it's centre.

  2. Juan D.'s rating of the film London

  3. Alex Ander 0's rating of the film London

    sweet meditation on London and contemplation of everyday life. Chris Marker-esque narration feat. Baudelaire

  4. εξώτερο Διάστημα's rating of the film London

    In Sontag's Unguided Tour a tourist asks another: "Have you been so perverted as to avoid Venice's most famous places?" Though he resents the word, Keiller's psychogeography is crafted like a 'perverted' lipogram - a type of constrained, experimental writing in which (most common) letters are strictly omitted, with the difference that Keiller's alphabet sidesteps the landmarks that commonly define an area. Seldom has

  5. msmichel's rating of the film London

    An enthralling and wry diary/traveloque picture from director Patrick Keiller that captures '92 London in all its' faded glory and historical context as our narrator gives voice to his partner Robinson's experiments and views. Always reflective; never manipulative; always fascinating.

  6. Damian's rating of the film London

    Better than anything Chris Marker ever did.

  7. PolarisDiB's rating of the film London

    A lot rougher and angrier than I remember Robinson in Space being, but still when I see this form of docu-travelogue-time-travel narrative I cannot help but think the director is writing a letter specifically to me. Else how does it contrive that I got around to this disc on an election year? --PolarisDiB

  8. Ben Kleber's rating of the film London

    "He isn't poor because he lacks money but because everything he wants is unobtainable." A beautiful picture.

  9. suddenmoves's rating of the film London

    Just watched it, and for some reason I burst into tears. An apologetically cerebral film that is at the same time an extremely moving and loving portrait of a city. It's at once of it's time and timeless, very sad, and at times very beautiful.

  10. Richmond Hill's rating of the film London

    A mordantly wry, but essentially rather sad essay that manages to surprise and depress one in almost equal measures. A small gem nevertheless.

  11. Cat's rating of the film London

    "The true identity of London, he said, is in its absence. As a city it no longer exists. In this alone it is truly modern. London was the first metropolis to disappear."