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  1. Photo of Wesley Ruggles

    Wesley Ruggles Director, Screenplay, and Producer

  2. Photo of Val Guest

    Val Guest Screenplay

  3. Photo of Sig Herzig

    Sig Herzig Screenplay

  4. Photo of Elliot Paul

    Elliot Paul Screenplay

  5. Photo of Sid Field

    Sid Field Cast

  6. Photo of Greta Gynt

    Greta Gynt Cast

  7. Photo of Petula Clark

    Petula Clark Cast

  8. Photo of Kay Kendall

    Kay Kendall Cast

  9. Photo of Sonnie Hale

    Sonnie Hale Cast

  10. Photo of Claude Hulbert

    Claude Hulbert Cast

  11. Photo of Mary Clare

    Mary Clare Cast

  12. Photo of Tessie O'Shea

    Tessie O'Shea Cast

  13. Photo of Jerry Desmonde

    Jerry Desmonde Cast

  14. Photo of Erwin Hillier

    Erwin Hillier Cinematography

  15. Photo of Philip Brandon

    Philip Brandon Producer

  16. Photo of William Collier Jr.

    William Collier Jr. Producer

  17. Photo of Sidney Stone

    Sidney Stone Editing