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  1. Photo of Miles O'Keeffe

    Miles O'Keeffe Cast

  2. Photo of Savina Gersak

    Savina Gersak Cast

  3. Photo of Donald Hodson

    Donald Hodson Cast

  4. Photo of Ronald Lacey

    Ronald Lacey Cast

  5. Photo of John Steiner

    John Steiner Cast

  6. Photo of Michael Aronin

    Michael Aronin Cast

  7. Photo of Hal Yamanouchi

    Hal Yamanouchi Cast

  8. Photo of Ruggero Deodato

    Ruggero Deodato Director

  9. Photo of Chris Trainor

    Chris Trainor Screenplay

  10. Photo of Steven Luotto

    Steven Luotto Screenplay

  11. Photo of Ovidio G. Assonitis

    Ovidio G. Assonitis Producer

  12. Photo of Maurizio Maggi

    Maurizio Maggi Producer

  13. Photo of Carlo Maria Cordio

    Carlo Maria Cordio Music

  14. Photo of Roberto Forges Davanzati

    Roberto Forges Davanzati Cinematography

  15. Photo of Eugenio Alabiso

    Eugenio Alabiso Editing