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  1. Photo of Kenji Misumi

    Kenji Misumi Director

  2. Photo of Kazuo Koike

    Kazuo Koike Screenplay

  3. Photo of Tsutomu Nakamura

    Tsutomu Nakamura Screenplay

  4. Photo of Michiyo Ohkusu

    Michiyo Ohkusu Cast

  5. Photo of Akihiro Tomikawa

    Akihiro Tomikawa Cast

  6. Photo of Shingo Yamashiro

    Shingo Yamashiro Cast

  7. Photo of Tomomi Sato

    Tomomi Sato Cast

  8. Photo of Akira Yamauchi

    Akira Yamauchi Cast

  9. Photo of Hideji Ôtaki

    Hideji Ôtaki Cast

  10. Photo of Taketoshi Naitô

    Taketoshi Naitô Cast

  11. Photo of Fujio Suga

    Fujio Suga Cast

  12. Photo of Rokko Toura

    Rokko Toura Cast

  13. Photo of Koji Fujiyama

    Koji Fujiyama Cast

  14. Photo of Fujio Morita

    Fujio Morita Cinematography

  15. Photo of Hideaki Sakurai

    Hideaki Sakurai Music

  16. Photo of Shigenori Shimoishizaka

    Shigenori Shimoishizaka Production Design

  17. Photo of Masanori Sanada

    Masanori Sanada Producer

  18. Photo of Tomisaburo Wakayama

    Tomisaburo Wakayama Producer and Cast