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  1. Photo of Tito Strozzi

    Tito Strozzi Director and Cast

  2. Photo of Amand Alliger

    Amand Alliger Cast

  3. Photo of August Čilić

    August Čilić Cast

  4. Photo of Alfred Grinhut

    Alfred Grinhut Cast

  5. Photo of Ela Hafner-Gjermanović

    Ela Hafner-Gjermanović Cast

  6. Photo of Gizela Huml

    Gizela Huml Cast

  7. Photo of Viktor Leljak

    Viktor Leljak Cast

  8. Photo of Josip Maričić

    Josip Maričić Cast

  9. Photo of Martin Matošević

    Martin Matošević Cast

  10. Photo of Strahinja Petrović

    Strahinja Petrović Cast

  11. Photo of Franja Sotošek

    Franja Sotošek Cast

  12. Photo of Draga Vesna-Stiplošek

    Draga Vesna-Stiplošek Cast