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  1. Photo of Ferdinando Baldi

    Ferdinando Baldi Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Manolo Bolognini

    Manolo Bolognini Producer

  3. Photo of Aiace Parolin

    Aiace Parolin Cinematography

  4. Photo of Eugenio Alabiso

    Eugenio Alabiso Editing

  5. Photo of Mino Reitano

    Mino Reitano Cast and Music

  6. Photo of Ewa Aulin

    Ewa Aulin Cast

  7. Photo of Luciano Catenacci

    Luciano Catenacci Cast

  8. Photo of Franco Ressel

    Franco Ressel Cast

  9. Photo of Franco Fantasia

    Franco Fantasia Cast

  10. Photo of Dante Maggio

    Dante Maggio Cast

  11. Photo of Giancarlo Del Duca

    Giancarlo Del Duca Cast

  12. Photo of Leo Brandi

    Leo Brandi Cast

  13. Photo of Anna Maria Pescatori

    Anna Maria Pescatori Cast

  14. Photo of Nello Pazzafini

    Nello Pazzafini Cast

  15. Photo of Irio Fantini

    Irio Fantini Cast

  16. Photo of Luigi Antonio Guerra

    Luigi Antonio Guerra Cast

  17. Photo of Eva Czemerys

    Eva Czemerys Cast

  18. Photo of Philippe Leroy

    Philippe Leroy Cast

  19. Photo of Angelo Boscariol

    Angelo Boscariol Cast

  20. Photo of Angelo Casadei

    Angelo Casadei Cast