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  1. Bob's rating of the film Long Weekend

    Highly effective on more levels, so it works as a chronicle of doomed lovers, moral tale of man's disrespect towards nature and horrifying nightmare that is woven from fear, guilt, desperation and loss. The latter slowly creeps until it reaches a moments of pure horror that doesn't rely on any tool that is common for a genre, but rather reflects symbolism and psychological disturbance through devastating consequences

  2. Renton47's rating of the film Long Weekend

    Pretty apt climate change metaphor; human animal's unrelenting cockiness in the face of nature's warning signs. Terrible couple decide (mainly him) to use nature as a retreat for counselling. Seems like it might work, but nature is not just an aesthetic alternative to the big smoke. Our dominion over nature is a terrible facade, but so is our separation from it, so if we can be terrible nature can too.

  3. Fırat Ataç's rating of the film Long Weekend

    A man always shoots nothingness, a woman always complains, the worst marriage in the world and various animal voices.

  4. CarlosEsquives's rating of the film Long Weekend

    Un filme que parece evocar una metáfora sobre la crisis de la consciencia ecológica. Una pareja se tomará un fin de semana largo, y a su paso irán (literalmente) arrollando, contaminando, maldiciendo y disparando a la naturaleza. Pero hay más, esta pareja ya llegaba con antecedentes. Ellos son cómplices incluso de un atentado contra su propia naturaleza humana. Eso es lo interesante del filme. Hay un drama por detrás

  5. rllr's rating of the film Long Weekend

  6. Lthm2's rating of the film Long Weekend

    Looking for something under appreciated, look no further. This is some strong cinema. As far as I'm concerne it should have had 20 minutes more to round it up better but it's pretty close to a masterpiece.

  7. Stephen Campbell's rating of the film Long Weekend

    vastly underated and eerie a real find for thriller fans

  8. Kyle Ohnanawhatsmyname Gardner's rating of the film Long Weekend

  9. LETTERBOXD.COM/XESCIE's rating of the film Long Weekend

    Not Quite Hollywood: The Wild, Untold Story of Ozploitation! led me to this, especially recommended for aficianados of Antichrist, Picnic At Hanging Rock and The Birds, stream it here:

  10. fabridoss's rating of the film Long Weekend

    Nature is a revengeful bitch, and she is back in heat.

  11. Christopher R. Smith's rating of the film Long Weekend

    A real gem of Australian exploitation is a strange and powerfully effective psychological eco-horror. Sharply scripted by Does an excellent job of building a mounting sense of eerie, surreal dread from the very beginning. It's not without its cheesy moments, but it's far more effective than many better known big-budget horror films. Definitely worth seeking out.