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  1. Photo of Tom Hooper

    Tom Hooper Director

  2. Photo of Peter Morgan

    Peter Morgan Screenplay and Executive Producer

  3. Photo of Jim Broadbent

    Jim Broadbent Cast

  4. Photo of Samantha Morton

    Samantha Morton Cast

  5. Photo of Lindsay Duncan

    Lindsay Duncan Cast

  6. Photo of Andy Serkis

    Andy Serkis Cast

  7. Photo of Kate Miles

    Kate Miles Cast

  8. Photo of Sarah Crowden

    Sarah Crowden Cast

  9. Photo of Robert Pugh

    Robert Pugh Cast

  10. Photo of Lee Boardman

    Lee Boardman Cast

  11. Photo of Tam Dean Burn

    Tam Dean Burn Cast

  12. Photo of Alex Blake

    Alex Blake Cast

  13. Photo of Roy Barber

    Roy Barber Cast

  14. Photo of Karen Spragg

    Karen Spragg Cast

  15. Photo of Kika Markham

    Kika Markham Cast

  16. Photo of Gordon Langford Rowe

    Gordon Langford Rowe Cast

  17. Photo of Ron Meadows

    Ron Meadows Cast

  18. Photo of Tina Malone

    Tina Malone Cast

  19. Photo of Anton Rodgers

    Anton Rodgers Cast

  20. Photo of C.P. Hallam

    C.P. Hallam Cast

  21. Photo of Danny Cohen

    Danny Cohen Cinematography

  22. Photo of Robert Lane

    Robert Lane Music

  23. Photo of Michael Pickwoad

    Michael Pickwoad Production Design

  24. Photo of Helen Flint

    Helen Flint Producer

  25. Photo of Andy Harries

    Andy Harries Executive Producer

  26. Photo of Melanie Oliver

    Melanie Oliver Editing

  27. Photo of Graham Headicar

    Graham Headicar Sound

  28. Photo of Craig Butters

    Craig Butters Sound