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  1. Photo of Gianluca Maria Tavarelli

    Gianluca Maria Tavarelli Director

  2. Photo of Sandro Petraglia

    Sandro Petraglia Screenplay

  3. Photo of Stefano Rulli

    Stefano Rulli Screenplay

  4. Photo of Paola Cortellesi

    Paola Cortellesi Cast

  5. Photo of Antonia Liskova

    Antonia Liskova Cast

  6. Photo of Claudio Santamaria

    Claudio Santamaria Cast

  7. Photo of Vincenzo Amato

    Vincenzo Amato Cast

  8. Photo of Lorenzo Balducci

    Lorenzo Balducci Cast

  9. Photo of Francesco Scianna

    Francesco Scianna Cast

  10. Photo of Ennio Fantastichini

    Ennio Fantastichini Cast

  11. Photo of Thierry Neuvic

    Thierry Neuvic Cast

  12. Photo of Farida Rahouadj

    Farida Rahouadj Cast

  13. Photo of Daniela Giordano

    Daniela Giordano Cast

  14. Photo of Valentina D'Agostino

    Valentina D'Agostino Cast

  15. Photo of Enrico Roccaforte

    Enrico Roccaforte Cast

  16. Photo of Corrado Fortuna

    Corrado Fortuna Cast

  17. Photo of Leïla Bekhti

    Leïla Bekhti Cast

  18. Photo of Roberto Forza

    Roberto Forza Cinematography

  19. Photo of Marco Betta

    Marco Betta Music

  20. Photo of Sonia Peng

    Sonia Peng Production Design

  21. Photo of Angelo Barbagallo

    Angelo Barbagallo Producer

  22. Photo of Fabrizio Zappi

    Fabrizio Zappi Producer

  23. Photo of Gaetano Daniele

    Gaetano Daniele Executive Producer

  24. Photo of Alessandro Heffler

    Alessandro Heffler Editing

  25. Photo of Claudio Cordaro

    Claudio Cordaro Costume Design